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Justice For The Dog Hooked To A Car And Killed In Irgoli, Sardegna – Italia

On April 9, a father and a his 16 year old son tied a dog to their car and dragged him for several km. A police car spotted them and tried to stop them, the car lost control and ended up in a ditch. The dog was still alive but died at the veterinary clinic, no more flesh on his body, only bones and blood.

Right now the two criminals are still walking free and their names haven’t become public. The law should guarantee up to 4 years of prison time for torturing and killing this animal, but too often our justice system disregards these laws and does nothing to punish these criminals. Many animal torturers are simply asked to pay a small fee.

We need support from all over the world to let institutions in Italy know that we are not going to tolerate any excuse for not applying the maximun penalty applicable. The whole crime was caught on tape and it was the police themselves that intercepted and stopped these animal torturers! these people are undoubtedly guilty!