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Grace Kelly si Rainier de Monaco

Update : Grace Kelly: Style icon at V&A

S-au casatorit din dragoste.Au facut trei copii:Caroline(suntem nascute in aceeasi zi,luna si an),Albert si Stephany.Prima care a plecat dincolo a fost Kelly(intr-un accident de masina si-a gasit sfarsitul),dupa ani de tristete si dor a plecat si Rainier sa-si intalneasca iubita sotie si mama.Cautand pe net ,am gasit aceste articole despre ei.Poate voi traduce pentru cei care nu stiu engleza,dar acum nu am dispozitia necesara.

1982: Hollywood princess dead
Princess Grace of Monaco has died of the injuries she sustained in a car crash near Monte Carlo yesterday.
The Hollywood actress Grace Kelly – who starred in the Alfred Hitchcock hits Dial M for Murder and Rear Window – suffered a brain haemorrhage.
A statement issued by the royal palace said she died at 2130 GMT after her conditioned worsened throughout the morning and become irreversible by the afternoon.
It also said the former film star’s husband, Monaco’s head of state Prince Rainier, and her three children were at her bedside when she died.
The US-born princess’ youngest daughter Stephanie was in the car at the time of the accident, but suffered only light bruising.
Brake failure
The news of her death was unexpected as previous reports from the palace had indicated that despite broken ribs, leg and collarbone she was in a stable condition.
The Monaco royal family also released an account of yesterday’s accident and said the princess had lost control of the car when the brakes failed.
After leaving the road her 10-year-old Rover tumbled 100 ft (30.5 m) down a ravine, turning over several times before coming to rest in a garden.
But a witness who was driving behind the two princesses said the car began zigzagging erratically some time before the crash happened.
Two engineers from British Leyland are on their way to Monte Carlo to examine the wreckage.

Celebrity Marriages
Here’s information about the apparent fairy tale romance, wedding, and marriage of actress Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier of Monaco.
News Update:
4/15/05: After celebrating a requiem mass that was open to the public, the children of Prince Rainier of Monaco buried him next to his wife, Princess Grace in a somber state funeral full of tradition and meaning.
Even Rainier’s old hunting hound, Odin, a griffon korthal, followed the coffin on its journey from the palace to the cathedral. The music played as the coffin was moved to the cathedral was Samuel Barber’s „Adagio for Strings” which was the same music played at the funeral of Princess Grace.
The Monte Carlo casino and all stores were closed during the funeral.
4/6/05: A statement from the palace in Monaco announced, „His Most Serene Highness Prince Rainier III died on Wednesday April 6 2005 at 6.35 in the morning (0435 GMT).”
Grace Patricia Kelly was born on November 12, 1929, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
She died on September 14, 1982 in Monacoville, Monaco in a car accident when she was 52 years old.